15333 Wide Neck PP Bottle With Handle 300 ml (6 m+)

Feeding fusion from breast to bottle.

*Fusion Feeding From Breast To Feeding Bottle
Provides an easy transition from breast feeding to bottle feeding. Gives you the opportunity to feed your baby with feeding bottle while you breast-feed.
*The Cover that opens comfortably
You can easily open the knurled cover with one hand due to its Easy-Flip® feature.
*Ergo Grip® feature
The Ergo Grip®feature of the handles prevents the bottle from slipping and provides comfotable handling.
*Easy Grip feature
Noskid® ergonomic and patterned design available on the side surfaces of the feeding bottle prevents the slip of the hand.
*Special Anti-Colic Air Circulation
I-Flow® Anti-Colic Valve feature prevents your baby from swallowing air which may couse colic, by providing appropriate air circulation.
*Easy Latch On Nipple
Your baby can grasp the nipple comfortably with the help of the lip support. The bubbles on the nipple softly massage the gums of your baby.
*Bottles that provides the security
The bottle, which is manufactured from Polypropylene that does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), is safe for the health of your baby.

  • +6 month

Care and Using

The cover of the feeding bottle is not a toy. Please remove the cover from the feeding bottle before using it and keep it away from the reach of children. The bottle should only be used under the supervision of adults. Do not leave your baby alone when feeding with the bottle. Do not boil liquids in the microwave ovens. When the liquid inside of the feeding bottle is warmed in the microwave oven for long periods of time, this can cause burning. Always control the temperature of the liquid before feeding the baby.  Do not allow your baby to suck from the feeding bottle for long periods of time and do not allow your baby to sleep with the feeding bottle. Contact with sweet liquids for long periods of time can cause decay of the teeth of the baby.  Consult your doctor for more information about feeding your baby with feeding bottle. 




•Place the feeding bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use in order to make sure about the cleanliness of the feeding bottle. 
•Clean the feeding bottle before each use.  
•Clean the feeding nipple with a suitable brush or with similar material after each use in order to remove baby food leftovers.  
•You should always use this product under the supervision of adults.  
•You should never use feeding nipple as pacifier. 
•You should control the temperature of the food before starting with the feeding.  
•Drinking of liquids for long periods of time and continuously can cause the tooth decay.  
•The feeding nipple should be inspected before each use by pulling it towards all directions. When damage or thinning signs are seen, do not use it.  
•Do not leave the feeding nipple inside the disinfectant (sterilising agent) more than the recommended time and under direct sunlight or to direct heat since these can cause for wear.
•Do not enlarge the hole of the nipple with any kind of tool. As the baby grows up, use the appropriate size feeding nipple.
•Remove all the packaging material before using the product and keep it away from the reach of your baby.  

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