15426 Non-Spill Training Cup 240ml (6 m+)

Easy transition from bottle to cup

*Practical and safe
Easy transition from bottle to cup. Possible to use with or without handle.
*Non-Spill Silicone Spout
Provides ease of use by not spilling the liquid even if the baby shakes, drops or throws the cup. May be used with Neavita flat straw and nipples.
*Easy Flip® Cover
You can easily open the knurled cover with one hand due to its Easy Flip® feature.
*Ergo Grip® feature
The Ergo Grip® feature of the handles prevents the cup from slipping and provides comfortable handling.
*Easy Grip feature
Noskid® Ergonomic and patterned design available on the side surfaces of the feeding bottle prevents the slip of the hand.
*Cup that provides the security
The cup, which is manufactured from Polypropylene that does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), is safe for the health of your baby.

  • +6 month

Care and Using

The cover of the cup is not a toy. Please remove the cover from the cup before using it and keep it away from reach of children.  Do not allow your baby to walk or to run with the cup in order to avoid any possible accidents.   The spout or straw  should not be used as dummy.  Do not use it for carbonated drinks since the pressure created can damage the non-drop system and cause leakage. You should remove all the packaging material before using the product and keep it away from the reach of your baby.   
You can wash with warm soapy water after the first and every use and rinse with water. Wash water channel, the cup and other parts separately. It can be washed on the top shelf of the dish washer. 




•Clean it before each use.  
•Clean the water channel with a suitable brush or with similar material after each use.  
•Always use this product under the supervision of adults. 
•Never use feeding nipples or similar products  as a pacifier.
•Control the temperature of the liquid before giving it to the baby.
•Drinking of liquids for long periods of time and continuously can cause for the tooth decay. 
•Inspect  the silicon water channel by pulling it towards each direction. When damage or thinning signs are seen, do not use it. Replace  it with the new one.  
•Do not  leave the water channel and the parts  inside the disinfectant (sterilising agent) more than the recommended time and under direct sunlight or against direct heat since these can cause for wear.   

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