15900 Lunch Set Special For Your Baby

Ergonomic & Functional Design

*The ergonomic spoon filling surface enables you to drop the food into the spoon.
*Its special Noskid® base prevents the plate from sliding.
*The suction pad enables to fix the plate on the table so that baby can enjoy eating on his own.
*Divided sections to separate foods and offer to the baby two different dishes.
*Keep food warm through whole meal when the reservoir is filled with warm water.

  • +6 month


Always keep the baby under your thumb while he/she is using a baby tool. Before and after each use wash it with warm water or in the top rack of your dishwasher. Do not put boiling water in the plate. Fill the reservoir with warm water leaving 3mm space on the upper side. Make sure you close the lid securely. When you use the plate with vacuum, make sure the surface where you put the plate to be clean and dry. Otherwise, it cannot be fixed. You can use the plate in microwave ovens. When using it in microwave oven, remove the vacuum base and open hot water lid. Always remove the vacuum base     before washing. Always follow the instructions when you use microwave oven. There may be some differences in the meals heated in microwave ovens. Before starting to feed your baby, mix the meal thoroughly and check the heat. Control the products before every use. When it is torn, do not use it. Check the temperature of the baby food before starting to feed the baby. Do not let the child walk or run with a spoon or fork in his/her hand. 
Always keep your baby under supervision when your baby uses any kind of baby material.  
You should keep the packaging material of this product and of all baby products away from the reach of your baby.

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