15092 Orthodontic Pacifiers 1 Day+1 Night 3+m

Specially designed for sensitive skin

*Design that supports the development of your baby:
Neavita Pacifiers, which have been prepared in cooperation with the specialists and designers, support teeth and jaw development of your baby. Its ergonomical form protects the palate structure of the baby. The soft and flexiable silicone baglet of the pacifiers do not create pressure on the tooth gum and on the jaw area by leaving sufficient space for the tongue. Promotes the work and development of the mouth and jaw muscles.
*Special shield for sensitive skins:
The ARS®(Anti Rash Shield) feature protects the skin of your baby by draining the saliva and allowing air flow. The shield, which has been designed an a form not to cover the nose, allows easy bteathing and provides comfort to your baby when sleeping. Neavita Pacifiers are produced of hygenic and safe 0%BPA mat
*For Sensitive Skins
*Silicone Teat
*Anti Rash Shield

  • +3 month

Care and Using

Neavita pacifiers are produced of hygienic and safe 0% BPA material.   Neavita pacifiers comply with EN 1400 regulations. SHOULD BE USED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF ADULTS!


Never attach a thread or band to the pacifier. It can choke your baby.  If your child has teeth inspect the pacifier carefully before each use. Pull and check the teat in all directions and throw the pacifier away immediately if you notice any tear or weakness signs. Do not leave the pacifier inside the disinfectant (sterilizing agent) longer than the recommended time or under direct sun light or near a heat source since these could weaken the pacifier tip. Keep the removable protection of the pacifier tip (if supplied) away from the children in order to avoid danger of choking. Leave the pacifier in the boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use, wait for it to cool down and remove the water in the teat by squeezing it.  This process is for hygienic purposes.  The pacifier should be cleaned before each use.  Never immerse the teat in sweets or medicine since it could lead to tooth decay. Replace the pacifier after using it for 1 or 2 months due to safety and hygienic matters. If the pacifier slips into the mouth of the baby, DO NOT PANIC. The pacifier cannot be swallowed and it has been designed with such events in mind. Remove it gently and carefully by grabbing it with your fingers. Remove all the packaging materials before you use this product and keep them away from the reach of the baby. Never leave a child unattended while using this or other infant products.